Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Third Trimester Workout: Pregnancy Week 33

33 weeks, and feeling good! In fact, I just might do one of those oh-so-popular pregnancy surveys!

Next appointment: Thursday!

Symptoms: CHARLIE HORSES! Oh goodness, I've had three bad ones all at night this past week. Back pain every now and then, but honestly nothing unusual. I think keeping active even when I don't feel like it has helped a lot.

Maternity clothes: Mostly not. I wear a maternity item once or twice a week, and it's usually maternity pants. Throughout the week I go in yoga pants or some of my stretchy pants that still fit under my belly!

Stretch marks: No. I'm reallllly consistent with my oiling up and stretch mark creams, so I've held off so far! My belly button is never going to look the same, that's for sure. And I've been holding off on a permanent stretch mark on the side of my belly button (it's been kinda purple and pulled my belly button askew since week 16), so I'm expecting that to give in once I hit full term...

Cravings: I seriously don't believe in pregnancy cravings... So nothing different or unusual!

Weight gained: I've gained 23 lbs so far... Trying to keep under 30, but I've been giving in to eating a bit too much recently! That's what I get for fall baking and Halloween parties :/  Let's hope I can keep in control for 7 more weeks!

Working out: Yes! Have a lot more energy this week so I'm going extra hard when I can.

Picked a name: Yes. Name was decided before getting pregnant :)

Baby movement: Oh so much! It's the most incredible thing to watch my belly being punched and kicked. Super cool to feel movement on the sides of my belly where my skin is really tight.

Miss anything: Sleeping comfortably and snuggling my husband. Mostly not having to say "that hurts me" whenever he tries to snuggle or hold me. 

Alright, enough of that. On to the workout!

First, start with some sort of cardio. I do a low HIIT routine through turbokick or T25 cardio :) 

Here's how it goes: You will do each exercise three times, and then do the whole routine twice through. These are all HOLDS, so each exercise is a hold of 10 seconds, or 4-5 deep breaths. Holding a pose and breathing through is great practice for the pushing stage :)

CHOOSE A WEIGHT: I used 8 lb dumbbells, would definitely still get a workout with a lighter 

1. Sumo Squat (10 second hold, 3x)

2. Row Hold

3. Lunge hold (3x each leg)

4. Plank hold, 30 seconds. (I've had a back pinch recently so I was trying to adjust while the picture was taken. Having your butt slightly up is better than having your butt too low, but try to keep your back flat!)

5. Chair hold

6. Bicep curl hold. Keep elbows towards the front of your body hugged close in!

7. Curtsy lunge.
 Step behind as if doing a lunge, but cross your back leg further behind, as if doing a curtsy. Hold. 

8. Fly hold.

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