Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 36 (9 months!) update and workout

9 months! Next weekend I'm gonna be saying "any day now"!!! I honestly think that my first and second trimesters went by slower than this trimester. 

Next appointment: Monday

Symptoms: Still charlie horses, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Down my back, down my hips, in my hip joint area, in my thighs and calves, my lower abs, etc.... It's constant. I don't really know what Braxton Hicks are, and I have yet to experience them I guess, but I have had a couple moments of Charlie Horse pains in my belly. Really sharp cervix stabbing pains! I've had these since 22 weeks, but now they're getting harder and lasting longer. 

Maternity clothes: I've decided maternity clothes are there to make you look bigger than you are. Don't waste your money! Maybe invest in two pairs of paints with comfortable waist bands, but really I make my normal clothes work.

Stretch marks: Still no. Except that weird spot by my belly button that I have yet to determine if it's a stretch mark or not. 

Cravings: nada

Weight gained: I'm not sure if I want to know. Last I checked I was 25 pounds, my goal is to stay in between 25-30. Trying to find peace with the extra pudge around my arms and legs, and looking forward to sharing my post partum experience and training plan!

Working out: Yes! My movements are caught off guard with charlie horses, and sometimes a little belly pain, so I've been doubling up workouts due to my lowered intensity (i.e. workout plus yoga in the same day)

Baby movement: Creepy amounts of movement. I mean, look up creepy belly videos and just know that's what mine looks like. Seriously like an alien trying to get out, and it's ALL the time!

Miss anything: Sleeping comfortably and snuggling my husband. Mostly not having to say "that hurts me" whenever he tries to snuggle or hold me. 

Post workout at 36 weeks!

I've really utilized this free step I scored for my workouts. In Insanity Max and other programs, there are a lot of plank and pushup moves. Some of these I can do, but some are too much for my belly so the step really helps elevate me and take that pressure off. Here are a few moves I do 3-4x a week on the step in my workouts!

I also use the step for some cardio and combine it with my weights. Trying to get as much movement in my moves as possible!

30 minutes. INSANE results.

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