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9 1/2 months: What You Need to Know (Or what you DON'T need to know)

37 weeks pregnant

Sooooo..... any day now! AHHHH! First off, here's a survey/update :)

Next Appt: Next monday

Symptoms: A bit of hip tension, and a LOT of baby movement that just hurts. My stomach is getting tighter so each punch and roll really hurts my abs. She also gets stuck under my hip bone and that's no fun :)

Maternity clothes: Still no investment into this. Yoga pants all the way. 

Stretch marks: no! I'm so excited to share how I've avoided these because my skin is NOT elastic, I was not blessed with supple skin ;) 

Cravings: Nope.

Weight gained: I think I'm at 26 pounds. They say 25-35 pounds is the appropriate amount of weight gain, but I can guarantee that at least ten of those pounds are fat pounds for me. That, and my uterus isn't huge so I don't hold a lot of extra fluids, so I think that number is bogus and you should really listen to your body. I truly believe some people should gain less (I think for me to have maintained my fat percentage I should be more between 17-20 pounds...) and some could gain more. Are you eating a lot of nutrition filled foods? Is there noticeable weight gain in other areas besides your tummy? You're gaining enough. I definitely have pregnancy fat (at least 10 pounds of my weight gain is just fat stores...). 

Working out: Yes! Stomach is starting to hurt more because it's getting tighter, but still going for it. This makes the WORLD of a difference as far as my attitude towards pregnancy and life during. 

Baby movement: my belly is super entertaining to watch. 

Miss anything: Sleeping comfortably


Okay, I get that everyone's pregnancies are different. I mean, I REALLY get it. No one is the same, no one follows the "rules" the same way, and if you go out thinking like that then you really are setting yourself up for disappointment.

1. You are your own unique case

When I was 22-23 weeks pregnant, baby was head down and caused really bad stabbing pain in my cervix. This has not stopped and has been the #1 pain I have experienced. It's like a knife stabbing your vagina! I made the mistake of posting this on facebook and was shocked at how many people came back with "just you wait until THIS happens" or "if you think THAT'S painful wait until she's actually big enough to kick your ribs" and so on and so forth. Everyone projected themselves into my situation as if they "know" what really hurts or know exactly how everything feels. Well, I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and I have not had any rib kicks. My baby's head is in  my pelvis and when she rolls she cracks my pelvic cartilage apart and it KILLS, but because not many people have experienced this, they try to tell me that it doesn't hurt as much as whatever they experienced. 

Listen, it's not a competition. What hurts you the most hurts YOU the most! No one else can know or really compare to what you're feeling. Babies are positioned differently in everyone, everyone's bodies handles movements different, etc. 

2. Baby might disappear in the mornings.

Again, you are your own unique case. But here is a picture of my 37 week pregnant belly the morning after Thanksgiving. It is surprisingly smaller than usual. In the mornings, my belly sometimes goes WAYYYYY down. Now, don't EXPECT this to happen, but don't freak out if you're one of those people who this happens to! The belly can come and go.
37 weeks in the morning

When she starts to wiggle and move around, my belly pops up a bit more. But again, it fluctuates. When I eat, it gets big, when I workout it gets big. It just varies.

3. Unless you feel like you are hurting the baby by doing so (or your doctor says not to), DON'T STOP MOVING!

Seriously. Just don't. The only downside to staying active and not patronizing yourself is that people will treat you totally normally. I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant, and I still end up carrying in the groceries by myself, opening doors for myself, and am the one asked to bend down and get things or do chores when I'm at my parents' house. Does it sound fun for people to treat me special? Sure. Does it sound worth it to give in to pregnancy pain or tendencies just to get this attention? Nah. 

4. Losing your mucus plug doesn't mean much.

I mean, it might seem to have a direct correlation to some people, but for me, nothing has happened. Don't use things like this to determine anything.

5. View pregnancy as a journey you can't predict.

You can do all the research in the world and find that none of it corresponds to your situation or how you handle pregnancy. So the "what you need to know about pregnancy" articles might actually be stuff you DON'T need to know because it doesn't apply to you. Hence my title "or what you DON'T need to know".

All in all, treat your body well through the end! Don't give up being healthy, don't give up on moving, and don't let time go against you! Cherish the days you have with this child in your belly, they will be gone all too soon!

37 weeks

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