Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 40: No, you can't "know" when, and my favorite stretch mark product

Here I am, 39 weeks and 5 days! My belly is much smaller this morning than normal. During the day it's much higher and popped out :)

There is NOTHING more frustrating than hearing "Well, you know, first time moms usually go over by a week or two". This comment as well as "well, first time moms have small bellies" are both unnecessary and not based on general truth. Both of these facts are old wives tales, because they only happen to be the case with a small number of people. If there is anything a mother should know, it's that you can-NOT generalize like that. Everyone is so different. Some moms have bigger bellies on their second child, some have smaller. Some are three weeks early, some are a day late. I also am slightly more sensitive to comments like these because I do not consider myself a first-time mom. Yes, I have not given birth before, but nothing about "becoming a mother" feels exciting because I already am a mother. I realize that my world is going to change in a way I can't comprehend quite yet, but it honestly isn't going to to change my day-to-day life. I am a mom. I have been taking care of kids and will continue to take care of kids under the same schedule as before even with this baby. This process has not been about me anticipating what it's going to be like to be a mom, it's mostly been anticipating what our baby is going to look like :) 

I went on facebook last night to double check, and I had 7 first time mom friends this year who all came before their due date. I had zero first time moms make it to their due date or go over. And they all had ZERO in common and nobody had the same symptoms or scenario. 

My doctor has been super realistic, almost frustratingly so. He's about to retire, so I'm sure he's just only addressing what he knows needs to be addressed. My appointments are two minutes long, the nurse takes blood pressure, checks urine, and takes my weight, and then he comes in and asks if I have questions (to which I say no) and then we go look at the ultrasound for a few seconds. He'll check the heartbeat, VERY quickly look at everything, and then send me on my way. No hints at when he thinks the baby will come, no internal exams, no deep consideration into my symptoms or anything; because from what he sees, I am healthy and the baby is healthy. And that is all we need to know. Why throw out a guess? We already have a due date guessed. 

I've done it all. If anybody made the "induce yourself at home" list, it is me. My life is pretty much filled with activities and foods that supposedly induce you. I am telling you,  these things are nothing more than coincidence. It is so much easier to just let go and let it happen when it happens (for you moms who have suffered loss, I know how hard this can be to be at ease and wait!). 

I think this mindset has made this last month of pregnancy super easy....up until this week. Many mothers assured me the last month would be horrible, but it hasn't been. I've been perfectly fine, and I'm not even working! I'm at home every day and could easily let myself just give in to the pain or give up on waiting. And I thought I'd be fine through the end, but with my due date on Friday and a family wedding on Saturday, I've been stressing. I would LOVE to attend this wedding (our kids are in it sooooo.....) and LOVE for my out-of-state family to be able to meet our precious daughter! I think if I hadn't had this event in the back of my mind for so long, I'd be perfectly fine with going over my due date. I honestly AM fine with it, but do have the frustration of knowing my family won't be able to meet my girl. 

So this is my 40th week of pregnancy, and it's almost completed. Here is how this week has gone:

1. Shooting leg cramps. Dead leg when I try to walk on the treadmill! Lots of yoga booty baby ballet at night to help with this.
2. Back and front cramping. But it isn't terrible. I had 12 hours of false labor that was terrible last weekend, but aside from that it's been very minor. I wouldn't even notice it if I wasn't pregnant and looking for signs :)
3. Feeling swollen. I don't think I'm very swollen, but my legs feel it!
4. RAPID WEIGHT GAIN. Oh my goodness! I thought I was going to be golden and be right at 26 lb weight gain (I was trying for 25...), but in one week I gained a whopping 4 pounds....and the scale still fluctuates. Sometimes it says I've gained 5 pounds. I've read as much as I can about it, and I think most of this is water weight and constipation (*****fingers crossed). Oh well, it will make my postpartum journey that much more entertaining!
5. Emotional. I've been so amazingly emotionally steady this pregnancy, it's been crazy. But week 36 and on I've flipped a switch. I'm still not as emotional as I was before pregnancy, but things are starting to irritate me than before!
6. Comments from people: ugh. That's the problem with putting yourself out there on social media so frequently....people will say things. It's the downside of social media and I wish I could take back some of the things I have posted just so I could avoid comments from people! Heightened emotions + people's not very sensitive advice makes for a LOT of wasted energy trying to not have a breakdown.

My advice: Always keep moving! I'm not kidding. I literally couldn't walk because of a dead leg, so I realized the treadmill probably wasn't going to get me moving the way I need and probably wasn't safe.  BUT, getting dead legs and shooting pains made me know that I NEEDED to keep moving, I just needed to find what felt best. So I keep with my PiYo and yoga booty baby. YOU GUYS, do not underestimate yoga booty baby! I'm serious, it has been awesome. It's not quite enough of cardio to be my only workout, but I add it in at night and I don't think I'd be as comfortable as I have been if I hadn't been doing it. Perfect small amount of stretch and movement. ( go to my shop to get this!)


Alright, and now I'm gonna post my MAIN product I used for my skin this pregnancy. Now, this stuff does not smell all that great, and you have to rub it together in your hands to make it melt into oil. Also, purchase a pack of camis that you do not care about getting oily! Get used to having an oily belly your WHOLE pregnancy and only wear clothes you don't care about getting oily. 

This village shea butter raw will last your WHOLE pregnancy, and longer (only for like $11)! I put it on every morning and then reapplied it when I was itchy or used my other stretch mark cream. I'll post my whole routine (and yes, it is a routine and you have to be consistent with and learn the signs) later with the other product I used :) But for right now, if you're pregnant GET THIS STUFF THROUGH MY LINK! Start putting it on every morning at 20 weeks (but be using some other lotion on your belly prior to this anyways!).

I will post a whole post about how I avoided stretch marks (and it's NOT genetics, I am COVERED in stretch marks from puberty) and how to minimize them for you champion moms who carry the scars of lifemaking.

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