Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weeks 38-40 Exercise Routine

As I have backed off the intensity of my workouts, I have added on the pounds! ***GASP****

That, and I have had a few more splurges here and there, I think because I'm realizing I'm almost done being pregnant so I'm finally saying "Why not?". And it's the holidays! It's so hard NOT to!

I have backed off the intense workouts so that I don't over-exert myself into labor or poop myself out so that my labor is miserable. I dropped out my Insanity Max workouts and am doing mainly PiYo and some third trimester appropriate strength training (and stretching and walking!). I need to post what my workout schedule was for weeks 33-37, because it worked out really great and following the schedule I created made it really easy to keep with it. It was mostly T25 and Insanity Max with some PiYo thrown in there :) Another time I will post that!

Here is my weeks 38-40 workout schedule (although I'm only at 39, I still plan to use this for next week). ****Side note: I am drinking some sort of recovery drink through all my workouts, either Shakeology or coconut water. Trying to keep my body as refreshed as possible for labor! Normally I don't need a recovery drink or want the extra calories. 

Programs used: Mainly PiYo. Extras: Insanity, Yoga Booty Ballet, Turbofire, Focus T25

Monday: PiYo Sweat and Weight routine (will post at the bottom)
Tuesday: PiYo Strength Intervals and Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way
Wednesday: Turbofire Low HIIT (found in the PiYo program) and weight routine
Thursday: 20 min fast-walking, Insanity Cardio Recovery
Friday: PiYo Strength Intervals and weight routine
Saturday: Walking and T25 Stretch
Sunday: REST (some stretches for my hips!)

Weight routine:

After some cardio and stretching, do the following exercises using 5-8 lb dumbbells. 

Do each move 15x, one round for beginners, two rounds for more advanced.

1. Woodpecker pushups on knees
2. Weighted squat
3. Front raise w/dumbbells
4. Side lunge reach w/dumbbell (go into sidelunge and tap floor with dumbbell, step up and twist to opposite side lifting the dumbbell high into the air)
5. Hammer curl
6. Weighted plie squat
8. Deep swimmer's press

STRETCH! Always ALWAYS stretch after, especially during these last few weeks! 


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