Thursday, January 28, 2016

Banana Ice Cream!

You will not believe the texture of this ice cream. No pictures do it justice! It is SO THICK and almost chewy like, I love it!

2 frozen bananas
Your choice of add-ins! (peanut butter, fruit, cacao, Shakeology, etc.).  I used cacoa and peanut butter :)

Peel 2 frozen bananas, chop them up into quarters, and place with add-ins into food processor. As you blend, the bananas will become grainy and you will wonder why it's not turning into ice cream. KEEP BLENDING. Take the top off, scrape the sides, and keep going. After awhile the grains will stick together and become a smooth, creamy, ice cream delight! Use an ice cream scoop and put into a cone! The texture is perfect for that.

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