Wednesday, February 24, 2016

21 day fix extreme RESULTS and REVIEW

Okay, to be honest, I didn't give this as much as I could've. It's really difficult with a baby waking up twice a night and two kids to keep on top of school with. BUT, those are excuses. I ended up deleting my facebook for a bit (so don't expect to find my wellness page on there) and that surprisingly has freed up a lot of my time! I didn't even know.

So here's what I did wrong:

1. WATER. I did not drink enough of it. I can't stand our tap water, so I drink sparkling waters or fill up my water bottle elsewhere. This means my intake is not all. I believe this is causing my to bloat and retain a lot of water weight, so I'm hoping to increase my water and see if I can lose that water weight.

2. EATING. I gave up a lot of days. Valentines weekend really did me in, as my in-laws were in town and I have a hard time knowing how to control myself once I say yes to something I "shouldn't" have.

3. SLEEP. Yeah... I have a  new baby. So..... pretty self explanatory.

So I only lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks. I think if I had kept my water intake up I'd have at least another 3 pounds, and if I ate better add 2-3 more to that. I definitely realize I didn't give it 100%. But, I still made progress. So, here are my results!

I really enjoyed the 21 day fix extreme workouts! For me and my body type, however, I need a lot more cardio. I was able to sweat in 4 of the workouts, but the rest I just got heated up. My heart rate never spiked, so interval training wasn't involved. I get SHREDDED on interval training. The weight training aspect was probably really good for me, being a postpartum mom, so I can get strengthened before jumping into my normal interval intense workouts.

Instead of the 10 min abs, I substituted insanity max "ab attack". This next month I'm doing a 21 day fix extreme/ insanity max hybrid, and the month of will do Insanity Max.

April 24 I'm registered to get INSANITY CERTIFIED! So lookout, Soldotna! This lady's gonna bring the burn!


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