Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Egg Nog Indulgence

I've finished day one of 21 day fix extreme! I didn't realize the eating plan was so different and was shocked to see that I could use two styles of eating for faster results! Competition countdown day and extreme eating day. Well, you only get two extreme eating days a week, meaning only two days a week I can have fruit (aka something sweet!)! So today I wanted to figure out a way to use my reds AND get rid of my sweet tooth, so I created the egg nog "indulgence"! I didn't get enough egg nog over the holidays so this is long overdue.

*I used Zoi greek yogurt which is VERY thick and tastes like whole milk so it's extra delicious :)

I'm going to try this countdown to competition plan for the first week and see if I want to switch to the normal extreme eating plan after :)

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