Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 16 update

16 weeks pregnant! Yesterday we "found out" the gender. As in, it was just a 16 week ultrasound, but the doctor told us what she saw (and what we saw). Until I get verification next month, I'm not revealing ;)

This pregnancy has been SO MUCH DIFFERENT. It's almost scary, because I have nothing to go off of as far as "is this normal?". First off, I haven't had morning sickness. I was OUT for my first trimester last time. Secondly, my emotions are still crazy. After my first trimester last time, I was the most emotionally stable I have ever been IN MY LIFE. But I still feel like a crazy, emotional woman right now and I'm waiting for there to be a time of stability... but will there be a time like that? Who knows! Each pregnancy is new territory!

I'm teaching INSANITY Live! and cycling, and hope to continue that through till the end. So that takes up three days of my week where I don't have to think about what I'm going to do exercise-wise. Other days I do my beachbody discs and mix it up. I have also found a great Barre workout that I plan to do postpartum; it's gentle but it's HARD! I mean it really burns! Just not a lot of sweat involved. 

Weight gain: 6 lbs so far. I never got back to my original pre-pregnancy weight so more like almost 10 lbs if we're going off of that ;)

Symptoms: the normal cramping and sharp belly pains, peeing all the time, and incredibly emotional. Oh, constipation... ;)

Cravings: nothing unusual

Maternity clothes?: no need yet

I'm getting really sore from my workouts much more easily, so I drink BCAA's. I promise you'll notice a difference in soreness! I can barely move without taking them. As a disclaimer, I can't recommend you take it during pregnancy, because it is a supplement. Basically, I can't recommend you do anything I do during pregnancy, but I'll let you decide what you feel safe doing :)

I tend to buy what is on sale an Amazon, and they all seem to work for me. So here are two of my favorite BCAA's I have used:

1. BPI sports best: I like the green fusion flavor!

2. Ideallean, green apple flavor

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