Thursday, December 8, 2016

Third trimester

28 weeks!!! Some days the belly looks bigger than that...

Third trimester is here! I knew it by the way relaxin just filled my body. No, there's nothing "relaxing" about the hormone, it just makes sleeping miserable and your joints feel unstable... My lower back and hips are feeling MISERABLE.

So I am teaching about 5 classes a week at the gym (INSANITY!, cycling, Piloga [pilates/yoga]). Some days doing INSANITY makes my lower back ache, and I cramp sometimes in cycling, but otherwise I feel good. I'm going to TRY to teach through January (up through week 37!). 

With 900 sq ft, one bathroom, two crazy boys, a wild baby girl, and another baby boy on the way, we decided to purchase a bigger home. Unfortunately we were not able to sell our other home, so we are renting it out. This means we didn't have much for a down payment for our other house and our utilities are not only $500 more a month but so is our mortgage... So guess who had to start working more? Me. My husband already works so obviously it was up to me to pick up the slack. I am so thankful I get to bring my daughter to the kid zone while I teach classes, but I also picked up hours at the front desk and those shifts are LONG AND TREACHEROUS. Here is what I learned about overestimating my ability and thinking I could stand on my feet for 7 hour+ shifts:

Standing is by far much worse than exercise.

It's true. I teach two classes a day on some days and I feel fine and great. If there are days I'm not feeling great, I modify appropriately. But I'm able to adjust. Working at the front desk, even if I'm able to sneak in a chair to sit down on every now and then, is nothing like working out. I stand, I walk around and do laundry, clean equipment, and get no break for 7+ hours. What happens from thsi amount of strain? Hemorrhoids. Swollen vulvar (pelvic) veins. Varicose veins in the legs. Swollen feet. I had to buy a pelvic support girdle just so I can stand and function, and the hemorrhoids are the worse! Worse than what I had postpartum after Eleni.

So I invested in a pelvic girdle that supports my belly and pelvic veins. If you are standing a lot in your job and need to work far into your pregnancy, invest in one of these! Your body is worth it! Useful if you have another little to take care of as well. My belly has been feeling stress from lifting and carrying my one year old.
The girdle looks a little bit silly, your buns will hang out and you either need to wear jeans or two layers of pants to hide it, but it's worth it. You can purchase it here:

Also, don't forget to be put THIS shea butter on! You will find NOTHING cheaper or anything that works BETTER! Cheaper AND better?! Get some! One block has lasted me two pregnancies (start putting on at 20 weeks if your belly is growing slow, or 13 weeks if you feel like your belly is growing fast!). Don't waste your money on other products. I have stretch marks, but none from pregnancy thanks to this stuff!

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