Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 13

Well, people started guessing after this photo got "released".  I was 12 weeks when my belly finally "popped" out, and also a matron of honor where I was displayed for all to examine my now odd-shaped belly.  Once the photo got out on facebook all whispered to each other about my belly, so I set the score straight not too long after :)

So it's now public, I am PREGNANT! I went in for my 13 week ultrasound today and saw little baby wiggling and kicking around. So thankful I can't feel it yet! That's a lot of moving and wiggling, I'll take the numbness as long as I can!

After seeing the baby alive and well, I'm now so thankful for my relief from day sickness! It is always scary wondering if maybe something happened to baby and wondering if THAT'S the reason your sickness is gone.

I am still working out consistently, now doing a lot more than I did the first trimester. I always back down when I feel uncomfortable, whereas before pregnancy I would just push through. There's a lot I'm gladly backing down on, because it's not just MY body I'm taking care of now. Therefore, I gladly accept offers to go take naps. I also gladly use an excuse to do very modified versions of workouts. I am NOT expecting to keep in perfect shape or at an optimal weight, I want my pregnancy to be relaxed, healthy, and also fun! So I will eat like I usually do and ease down on my workouts. That may add a few extra pounds to lose, but I'm happy with that! It will also make a better "body after baby" segment ;) 

Right now I am doing my beachbody programs. I started Insanity Max 30 and am hoping to do the program all the way through over the summer, modifying all exercises I feel like. I also found that there are ways to modify for my needs that are more intense, but still safe, than the modifications offered on the DVD, I'll have to do a post on those modifications! I plan on ordering T25 next and maybe doing that with some piyo. I want to commit to routines through my pregnancy that I know I can keep up when baby comes, and 25-30 minutes a day is about all I can commit to! When I add in healthy eating and choose my splurges appropriately, I don't need more than that. 

Looking forward to next month when we get to see if baby Nash is a boy or a girl!!!