Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Third Trimester Workout: Pregnancy Week 33

33 weeks, and feeling good! In fact, I just might do one of those oh-so-popular pregnancy surveys!

Next appointment: Thursday!

Symptoms: CHARLIE HORSES! Oh goodness, I've had three bad ones all at night this past week. Back pain every now and then, but honestly nothing unusual. I think keeping active even when I don't feel like it has helped a lot.

Maternity clothes: Mostly not. I wear a maternity item once or twice a week, and it's usually maternity pants. Throughout the week I go in yoga pants or some of my stretchy pants that still fit under my belly!

Stretch marks: No. I'm reallllly consistent with my oiling up and stretch mark creams, so I've held off so far! My belly button is never going to look the same, that's for sure. And I've been holding off on a permanent stretch mark on the side of my belly button (it's been kinda purple and pulled my belly button askew since week 16), so I'm expecting that to give in once I hit full term...

Cravings: I seriously don't believe in pregnancy cravings... So nothing different or unusual!

Weight gained: I've gained 23 lbs so far... Trying to keep under 30, but I've been giving in to eating a bit too much recently! That's what I get for fall baking and Halloween parties :/  Let's hope I can keep in control for 7 more weeks!

Working out: Yes! Have a lot more energy this week so I'm going extra hard when I can.

Picked a name: Yes. Name was decided before getting pregnant :)

Baby movement: Oh so much! It's the most incredible thing to watch my belly being punched and kicked. Super cool to feel movement on the sides of my belly where my skin is really tight.

Miss anything: Sleeping comfortably and snuggling my husband. Mostly not having to say "that hurts me" whenever he tries to snuggle or hold me. 

Alright, enough of that. On to the workout!

First, start with some sort of cardio. I do a low HIIT routine through turbokick or T25 cardio :) 

Here's how it goes: You will do each exercise three times, and then do the whole routine twice through. These are all HOLDS, so each exercise is a hold of 10 seconds, or 4-5 deep breaths. Holding a pose and breathing through is great practice for the pushing stage :)

CHOOSE A WEIGHT: I used 8 lb dumbbells, would definitely still get a workout with a lighter 

1. Sumo Squat (10 second hold, 3x)

2. Row Hold

3. Lunge hold (3x each leg)

4. Plank hold, 30 seconds. (I've had a back pinch recently so I was trying to adjust while the picture was taken. Having your butt slightly up is better than having your butt too low, but try to keep your back flat!)

5. Chair hold

6. Bicep curl hold. Keep elbows towards the front of your body hugged close in!

7. Curtsy lunge.
 Step behind as if doing a lunge, but cross your back leg further behind, as if doing a curtsy. Hold. 

8. Fly hold.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Through week 32: relaxin, stretch marks,and no sleep

Whew! The moment I hit 31 weeks I got the wonderful rush from that chemical called "relaxin". And by wonderful, I mean horrible. Achy body, burning aching back, etc... If I was getting sleep before (which I wasn't), I wouldn't be now (which I'm not). 

I absolutely HAVE to add in a stretching routine every morning and night now. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. There is NO way I'm going to be happy these last two months without it, and I already feel like an annoying wife constantly complaining about my body aches. My favorite nighttime routine is still Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the way (go here to get it). This may seem silly,  but it is a great routine. No sweating, a little bit of cardio, it's perfect to add in. I feel like a million dollars afterwards! Doing yoga during pregnancy can be dangerous, especially if you haven't done it on a daily routine prior to pregnancy (which I didn't). Overstretching at this point is all too possible and your body is not ready for that with all the relaxin flowing through your muscles and joints.

My second key to third trimester pregnancy success is to pretend like you're not pregnant. Yes, let go of those excuses you want to use so bad because honestly, it will make time go muuuuuch slower.

I am 32 weeks pregnant, and do not have any stretch marks. I'm not sure my belly button will ever look the same, but so far no stretch marks. I do have a purple mark on my belly button that is almost not noticeable, but has been there since week 16. It might turn to a stretch mark. I'm excited to see if my efforts will prove strong so I can share how to prevent stretch marks! You see, my  body is raided with stretch marks from my junior high growth spurt. My calves, thighs, butt, and hips are covered in them. Literally, they are the worst leg stretch marks I have seen. When I did yoga in college, some positions stretched them out more. I seriously have NO elasticity. So my goal this pregnancy was to watch my weight gain, drink water, eat HEALTHY, and go gung-ho on the oils on my belly. I developed a belly butter routine that I will share post pregnancy :) I have had little purple stretch marks appear ever since week 16, but I have gone crazy with my moisture routine and they go away. So I can tell you right now, GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE NEW. Go crazy on them while they're fresh.

So, I gained a lot of weight my second trimester. I was not careful with my eating, and I am paying the price. Weight gain is sooooo fast and losing it takes much longer. I started logging my eating according to the 21 day fix portion control, and I have been far from perfect on it. But ever since logging it, I lost 6 pounds in three weeks! I can promise you that this is not a bad thing. I had gained 25 lbs and wasn't even in my third trimester...TOO MUCH WEIGHT. I am now feeling a little more controlled, but I still have cute little pregnancy fat deposits dispersed over my body. The picture above is a slight example. you can tell in my arms and my legs that there is some extra lbs, which I feel pretty confident will go away with breastfeeding :)

Logging your food intake according to teh "portion control" through beachbody really helps you see what you eat too much of and what you need to eat less of. I NEVER thought I could log my food intake, and it is totally embarrassing some days, but totally worth it. You need to see what your habits are so you can make easy, permanent changes.

I will update with some lifechanging yoga routines and workouts for this crazy trimester!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pregnancy cravings DEBUNKED

Pregnancy Cravings DEBUNKED (with nutrition plan on the bottom)

Yes, we've all heard of the women who crave pickles and chocolate sauce or ketchup and ice cream during their pregnancies... and many people have stated that this is because there is a real nutritional need that requires those odd combinations: this is not exactly true. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that these cravings reflect real physiological needs.

The few things your body might crave during pregnancy based off of nutritional needs, but you still need to watch out for, are salt and carbs, and maybe some fruits high in vitamin C. Yet many women develop "pica" during pregnancy, where they crave to eat things of no nutritional value that can actually be dangerous or toxic (eating clay, laundry starch, ice cubes, coffee grounds, etc.). These things are not developed because of a nutritional need, yet women have convinced themselves that there must be something in these things that their body needs.

Now, we as women LOVE excuses to eat what we want. But when you're reaching for the marshmallows to dip into your ranch dip, know that it is most likely NOT due to nutritional needs.
Upon pregnancy, our senses change, along with our emotions. We react differently to certain smells and textures. We also have a stronger desire of feeling understood and nurtured, so when we ask for our significant other to retrieve us our "pregnancy craving", we mostly just want to be feel listened to. When we give in to eating something, we love the excuse of "because I'm pregnant" and get a sense of comfort from that.

However, it is all too common to be talked into overeating while pregnant and giving in to every craving. When we crave candy, there are 5 people behind us telling us that we can just have it because we're pregnant, or that we NEED to have it. Now for me, I don't crave things any more or less than I did prior to pregnancy. I will say in my first trimester for two weeks, I HAD to have fast food, but it was the most soothing option for my nausea (people can respond to nausea by eating tons of carbs and fats or by not eating at all!). Since then, however, I have not had a single craving that I would call a "pregnancy" craving. I've misused this term a time or two as an excuse to give in to an unhealthy craving, but I honestly craved those things when I wasn't pregnant.

Women are told to eat a couple hundred calories more a day during pregnancy, but since this is talked about SO MUCH I almost think it needs to not be advised. Don't assume you need to eat more, your body will take care of that naturally. In fact, most people already eat at least 500 calories a day more than they should. When advised to eat more calories, it is because your body needs more NUTRITION. Therefore, adding an ice cream sundae to fulfill those calorie "needs" isn't doing your body good. Your nutritional requirements, not simply calorie requirements, are in greater need during pregnancy.

Now, your body does have the ability to cue you in on what you  need, but this usually happens if you have a large deficiency. So if you happen to be craving tons of dairy, do not use this as an excuse to eat tons of dairy, but instead ask your doctor what the recommended calcium intake is, and see what sort of things your blood tests say you need.

Pregnancy nutrition tips:

Find a chart comparison of nutrient need differences among non-pregnant, pregnant, and lactating women. You will find that most need difference is actually when you're lactating! The difference when you are pregnant is not as huge as we might assume. The three main nutrients that you need more of during pregnancy are:

1. Iron (you're doubling your blood supply!)
2. Selenium
3. Folate

Other nutrient needs are protein, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamin B6, vitamin C, and Iodine.

Again, check with your doctor on your own PERSONAL nutritional needs. For me, I was low in iron, meaning I had to take iron supplements. THIS MIGHT NOT BE TRUE FOR YOU. Do NOT take more supplements if you have not been advised to, because this is not only toxic for you, but very toxic for the baby.

Pregnant mamas: eat 2 cups of fruit, 2-3 cups of veggies (make 2 cups of that leafy veggies), 6-8 ounces of grains, 6 ounces of protein, and 3 cups of dairy (low fat choices!). What does this look like? Here's a breakdown menu:

Breakfast: 2 egg veggie scramble with sprinkled cheese
Snack: Cup plain greek yogurt with diced apple and cinnamon, sprinkle of granola
Lunch: Whole wheat turkey sandwich with leafy greens
Snack: Carrots and 2 tbsp hummus
Dinner: 1/4 cup brown rice, chicken or salmon, salad with lowfat dressing

Post dinner snack: homemade fruit and yogurt bars OR cup of fruit OR 1/2 cup dried oatmeal (then cooked!) with fruit and cinnamon.

*NOTE: 3 cups of dairy does NOT mean 3 cups of cheese. 8 oz of lowfat milk, 8 oz of lowfat yogurt, or 1 1/2 oz of cheese counts as a cup.

Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, and more if you are working out! (Add a cup for every 15 minutes of working out).

Mamas, I cannot tell you what taking care of your body during pregnancy will do for you and baby! Besides providing the best you can for baby, you will also help your body bounce back faster, maintain a healthy weight gain which in turn helps your body produce less stretch marks, and set yourself up in the future for having no excuses not to eat healthy.

I wish you luck! I am here for support or further questions, or a personalized nutrition plan!

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