Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Third Trimester LIFESAVERS For the Active Momma

A lot of things have happened towards the end of my 2nd trimester and beginning of my 3rd.


 I have not eaten more food than I usually do, and I still workout every day; however, I have gotten chubby! My arms and legs have cute little deposits of pregnancy fat. It's blowing my mind! I'm starting to think it has to be from slower digestion, to where my body just can't handle or digest the amount of food I usually eat. They say to eat slightly more during pregnancy, but I think this is a myth that needs to be debunked. Eat normal. Americans usual overeat anyways, so you should be good.

-Sleep is HORRIBLE.

Oh I just want a good nights sleep! I toss and turn, have RLS, my belly hurts, everything is just pure misery!

-Working out is harder.

My pelvis and abdomen have started to get pains while working out, and this stresses me out. I can't do normal pushups anymore because it puts too much pressure on my abs and pelvis. I'm starting to fret about how I'm going to keep at a healthy weight if I am eating normal and CAN'T workout much. This will be my journey to take on.

SO, with these new developments, I have found some relief in certain items (I wouldn't write about these if I didn't truly think they were lifesavers...).

1. Belly Band

This belly band has changed the way I'm able to work out! I do have higher hopes now that I've purchased this. Although I do my pushups from a step now, my stomach and pelvis get enough support from this band that I am able to continue on without pain. It also makes it so I can jog! I never thought I'd be able to jog during pregnancy!

***I do believe in having a strong enough core to support your belly, so I only use this during exercise.

2. Brita Filter Water Bottle


I have not been drinking as much water as I should ever since the start of my second trimester. Reason? Water tastes gross! I am much more sensitive to the mineral and metal tastes in water, that I usually only like bottled water but do not want to spend money on that. My solution was to get a brita filter water bottle. I have a Brita Filter on my tap water, but I need it DOUBLE filtered, so I pour the filtered water into here. LIFE....SAVER. I'm excited to keep my water intake up!

3. The Step

Yes, Brian Regan has a joke about the step... ("***Ding dong****"Oh! My step is here!" **runs down the steps to get it...).  But seriously. This thing does wonders! With this and my belly band, I can do BURPEES NOW!!!! Who would've thought?! I am able to do burpees, pushups, and tricep dips all comfortably. I even try step workouts every now and then :) This is a must.

4. Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way

Find at my beachbody shop:

This would not be the greatest workout for the fitness guru, but if you're starting working out or need an extra nighttime routine (or are having a tired day), this is great! It's not too much of anything. IT has a little cardio, a little stretching, and a little strength. The stretching is great, because when you're pregnant, you really are at a risk of overstretching. This is a perfect little 30 min routine that is GREAT for the third trimester.

5.  Pregnancy wedge

I don't have one of those expensive fancy pillows, mainly because I'm cheap and not willing to spend that much on one item... But sleep is hard! I have tried to use pillows to prop my belly up, but they are too big and uncomfortable. This is AMAZING if you have pain with your belly when sleeping.

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