Sunday, July 12, 2015

Water intake with your blender/shakeology bottle!

I bought one of these blender bottles, only to find out that they have something similar with beachbody (go to shakeology 

Water intake is a HUGE deal, pregnant or not pregnant. I tried doing the huge water jugs so I had my day's worth of water with me at all times, but it was so big to carry around and a bit overwhelming. I've been using my blender bottle for my Shakeology and results and recovery formula, and end up using it for water as well. I found that my water intake comes much more naturally when I have to refill my water! 

To get your water intake in, follow this plan.

1 water upon waking up (in blender bottle)
1 Shakeology
1 results and recovery formula or water during workout
1 bottle in between breakfast and lunch
1 bottle after dinner

Depending on how much you fill the bottle, it will be about 20 ounces each bottle. 

Total water intake for the day: 120 ounces.   

Now, this is more than your "8 cups of water each day", but for an active person (which you should be!) your body needs more water than that. The high end of water intake is about 1 ounce per body pound. The low end range is half that amount. So as an active person, find what seems comfortable for you to drink, whether that is filling your bottle up 15 ounces each time or eliminating one of the bottles in your day. You will feel a huge difference once you keep up your water intake! As a pregnant woman, you almost can't get enough water! 

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