Friday, July 31, 2015

Weeks 18-21

Halfway there! Go in next week to see the baby again and look for a little somethin' somethin' so mommy and daddy can know what gender they're having!
I'm starting to feel pretty big now and beginning to find a bit more physical limitations. All ab work is no longer done laying down, my uterus cramps when met with any sort of jumping (four wheeling on our set net site is NOT a good thing!), and I have extreme cramping pain after using the restroom; it makes me not want to go! I still stick with Insanity Max for my workouts with some added stretching because after lots of research, the modified Insanityax exercises are actually great for pregnancy. I don't mosify all exercises; I listen to my body and if ANY ounce of pain or discomfort is present I modify.

The hubby didn't want me to be on a boat this summer so I was mrs.cook for our fish site. This meant a LOT of being around the kitchen which meant a LOT of snacking on fish site food (I.e: carbs). I've gained a few non-baby pounds...looking forward to living at home and cleaning up my diet! I have not craved food or anything, I just have always struggled hanging around kitchens :)

Some fun, present pregnancy side effects are:
Abnormal hair growth on belly (yuck!)
PUPPP (bumps and rashes on skin...some itchy!)

30 minutes. INSANE results.

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