Monday, August 31, 2015

Insanity moves: Modified for pregnancy!

24.5 week belly :)

There are three moves in Insanity (and T25 and Insanity Max...) that I can't personally do without hurting my uterus. Some people are able to, but with me carrying my baby low, it just doesn't work out so I don't feel comfortable trying.

However, I hate missing out on these power moves! They are awesome cardio moves that really challenge me, and the offered modifications aren't quite enough for me to feel like I tried. So, here are three moves that I have modified to still challenge myself, but be safe for my bump!

1. Burpee

The modification of this is shown somewhat in the picture above. First, grab 1-2 pound dumbbells. Bring them up by your shoulders, and keep your core tight, squat down, step one leg back while bring both arms forward, come back to squat, and stand up. Repeat on both sides.

Stand, squat, reach out, squat, stand. Maintaining a tight core is KEY! The added dumbbells work your arms and shoulders, the way a normal burpee would, while engaging your core.

2. Tuck  jumps

If you've done Insanity, you know how grueling these are! They are one of the highest impact exercises in Insanity, though. So, to still feel the burn and get your heart rate up, switch out with normal/lower impact jump squats.

Legs should be in a hip width stance, maybe slightly wider. Squat down and touch the floor, keeping your chest up, and jump up off your toes reaching to the sky. For lower impact, squat down, touch ground, and come up onto your toes reaching towards the ceiling.

3.  Squat jacks

I love them squat jacks! I can actually do this most days, but some days when I'm extra crampy I just modify them.

In a normal squat jack, it's like a reverse jumping jack. Starting in a standing position, reach your arms above your head. Jump down into a squat, bringing your arms by your sides, and jump back up with hands reaching towards the ceiling.

To modify, step out into a deep squat bringing your arms down, and step back to center. Alternate sides! GET IT DONE: IN  25 MINUTES A DAY!

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